F.A.Q’s about Neurofeedback

F.A.Q’s about Neurofeedback

Straight forward answers for frequently asked questions about Neuroptimal Neurofeedback.


What is NeurOptimal Neurofeedback?

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is the ultimate naturopathic, drug free technology for peak performance, happiness and well being – so you can be the best you – you can be!

The biggest difference with Neuroptimal Neurofeedback and other systems is that with Neuroptimal, its about training the brain and central nervous system (giving brain information – no diagnosis, no treating), and with traditional neurofeedback it is more about treatment, treatment plans and diagnosis.

How long does it last?

Each session lasts about 35 minutes. The total session will be one hour.

Does it hurt?

There has been cases where people will feel their heart beat rise or some similar type of symptom that makes them a little uncomfortable, but this is rare in my experience. In fact most people feel VERY relaxed afterwards and describe the time as very enjoyable.

How many sessions do I need?

Every person is different and everybody will have a different response to the training. The traditional neurofeedback could range anywhere from 20 to 40 sessions or so. But in my experience I find that most people are noticing real permanent life changes in 6 to 20 sessions.

How many times a week?

This really depends on the person. Ideally I like to see a person come twice a week for the first couple weeks and then switch to once a week.

Can children do this?

Absolutely! In fact I find that children have some of the best reactions to the training. The youngest person I have worked with was 7. It has been able to benefit a number of children, helping with ADD, sleep issues, anxiety, focus and general mood.

You use a EEG machine, this is done with electricity?

No electricity goes into you. The eeg machine is used to monitor voltage change in our brain activity. Every time you have a thought, it runs an electrical pattern in your mind. The machine detects this change and monitors it for intensity, duration and amount. It actually uses sound to talk back to your brain.

Is this going to change my personality?

Many people that use this system find that they can feel better, break free of their anxiety and depression and overall discover a more playful and creative version of themselves. Sometimes we have a condition for so long that we start to really identify ourselves with it. After the shifts start happening they need to rediscover who they are.

Is this a full therapy, or do i need counselling too?

This really is a person to person decision. For some, Neurofeedback is all they need.  Other people might want extra psychotherapy to help them with traumas, anxieties, grief, depression or whatever they are struggling with. I usually use CBT or talk therapy to help people re-frame negative thinking or gain new perspectives and views along with the Neurofeedback. But there are many people who use Neurofeedback exclusively.

Do these changes last? Or just go back to my old self in a month or two?

This is basically a learning process. It’s like reading, once you know it is hard not to! Think of it like learning how to do a new golf swing, the first few times feel weird but get good results. The more you use the new swing the better it gets. Eventually it would feel weird to go back to the old swing. You start to recognize when your swinging well and when it’s off. This is the same as your brain! But our brains can get ‘thrown off’ a bit with drugs and chemicals, alcohol, injury.. many things! So people often just come back for a couple booster sessions and get back on track.

Does anyone have a negative reaction?

Just like any kind of training, there are always going to be people that have great experiences and some that are feeling more uncomfortable than they had hoped. I equate it to being like working out in the gym; The first time you do it it might agitate an old injury or leave you feeling stiff or sore for a day or two, but these things pass and we normally end up feeling better in the long run and stronger and more stable every time you do it. The more you train the stronger your Central Nervous System gets, the better you usually feel.

Have you done it yourself?

Yes! I have done this therapy for about 25 sessions. When I first got introduced to Neuroptimal Neurofeedback, I was literally one day away from going on medications for my social anxiety. I tried a session and for the first time in what I thought was my life, I had no anxiety for one day. In four sessions I had half the anxiety I had. Now you would never know that I ever struggled with anxiety at all. I still do it ever few months to make sure the equipment is running well and to get a bit of a booster.


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