Kids on Meds? Neuro-options!

When it comes to kids on meds – there are a lot of strong opinions.

Here’s my story…

When my daughter was in grade school she was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD; we were told that she would benefit greatly from being on medications and we were more than encouraged to do that.

It was heart breaking to watch her get diagnosed, and then labelled for something that is generally viewed in a negative way; but at the same time just as difficult to see her behave in ways that disturbed others, frustrated her and isolated her from her peers.

We found ourselves in a tough spot between feeling like “bad parents” if we didn’t put her on the medications they were suggesting, and not wanting to ‘drug’ our child. At the time our options were really limited because there were few alternatives available.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many people that have benefited from taking medications – this just wasn’t the right right answer for us, or her.

If I would have known then, what I know now about Neurofeedback, I believe her life could have been dramatically different.



Though Neuroptimal is not a medical device, and is not used to diagnose or treat disorders, in a Comprehensive Survey of Trainers in 2008, it was reported (client self report and presentation) that:

  • One third of trainers reported that the majority of their clients (over 60%) showed 100% improvement
  • Most clients (over 60%), can expect significant (60% or greater) improvement
  • fewer than 20% can anticipate 59% imrovement or less

That level of efficacy would be considered amazing by traditional medical models!

Even comparing popular drugs vs Neuroptimal shows great efficacy!



NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is a safe way to offer a life-changing, non-invasive, natural option to help children who think, feel and behave differently. It can help some children to finally be one of their peers, without drugs and the stigmas and issues that come with taking them.

Call today to discover options that give you an alternative to putting your ‘ kids on meds,’ and see what Neuroptimal Neurofeedback therapy can do to transform your child’s quality of life.

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