Neurofeedback Videos

Neurofeedback Videos

There are more and more reports coming forward about the effects of neurofeedback on many different conditions.

Here are some Neurofeedback videos that might help you to understand neurofeedback and some of the different areas it may help bring back a greater quality of life.

Your Brain on Neuroptimal

Did you know that your brain, as well as your body, can be trained for strength and stamina. The more resilient and flexible your brain, the better you work…. and feel.

Sleep and Insomnia

Many people are turning to drugs and sleeping pills to get to sleep at night. There are Neuroptions!

This is a video from a company in the states that explains a bit about how neurofeedback can help with sleeping issues.


This is a Neurofeedback video that explains the before and after condition of the brain as seen by a SPECT scan.

When most people think of PTSD, they think of the military personal that come back from serving their country. Here is some testimonies about the benefits they experienced using Neurofeedback

ADHD / Children

It can be so frustrating as a parent when your child is struggling to stay focused, pay attention and fit in with their peers. Neurofeedback can offer alternatives to drugs and help to try and give our children a greater quality of life

Even though this video is fuzzy, the information and hope that it can offer is worth the watch.

Another testimony

An alternative for our children. No diagnosis – game changer

Peak Performance

There is a growing amount of people using neurofeedback for athletics and performance. Lets face it, if our brain is working well, then we usually feel more confident, strong and secure.

 Life Stress

Sometimes life comes at you pretty fast; it is nice to have some help.


There are a growing number of clinicians using neurofeedback as a way to help people overcome their addictions.

Some treatment centers in the United States have turned to Neurofeedback

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