“Through counseling and Neurofeedback Therapy I was able to take control of an anxiety disorder that had been dictating my life for almost a decade”

Ken is a true professional. His empathy, patience and honest desire to see his clients achieve their health goals is a reflections of his own successes and personal journey. Through counseling and Neurofeedback Therapy I was able to take control of an anxiety disorder that had been dictating my life for almost a decade. I still have anxiety, but I have the tools to combat it, challenge it and to regain presence awareness if I loose myself in it temporarily.

My relationships have all been strengthened and my understanding of how my mind works has expanded. Ken always says, “If you give anxiety an inch it will take a mile.” Because of this he sees every anxious moment as an opportunity for growth, and by challenging it this way I have seen panic attacks yield, my marriage and home-life stabilize and I am able to approach each day, as an individual challenge that is filled with beautiful potential and opportunity.

This will be one of the best decisions you will ever invest in.

“God is able to do far more than we would ever dare to ask or even dream of – infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts and hopes.”

SW from Maple Ridge


” I am truly a new woman”

I can’t begin to express my gratitude for Ken and the amazing gift he has for helping people heal, overcome and find freedom from the things that hold us back from becoming all we were made to be.

He has been pivotal in this season of life for me, helping me wade through waters of trauma, anxiety, perfectionism, body image issues, control and deep wounds I’ve carried for years. I am truly a new woman.

KV from Coquitlam


“Meeting with Ken really helped me turn things around and let me actually enjoy life.”

“When I first went to see Ken McDonnell I wasn’t sure what was I was doing with my life.I was in the midst of a pretty long period of depression and was just coasting on by without really living.Meeting with Ken really helped me turn things around and let me actually enjoy life.

If you are currently suffering from something similar and are reading this then I highly recommend booking an appointment, it really helped me and could be just what you’re looking for”

 M.N.  from Maple ridge.


“I thought I would never get better but I did by so much!”

I thought I didn’t need help but when it came to a point that I could not go to school that day, I knew I needed help. My results were a huge difference from when I first came here. My anxiety is OCD, and now I can do things that I wasn’t able to do before! I really liked the treatment, Ken really listens to you and makes you think about your fears and how to overcome them! Three benefits that I can see in the service are: that you really do get better! I thought I would never get better but I did by so much.  Second benefit is that Ken try’s different methods to see what works best for you – for me all off them worked! And third is that Ken will listen carefully and talk to you about it which I found helpful.  I would recommend his service because I got better so quickly! He try’s methods you can do at home and they help so much! Another thing I would like to add is you can tell Ken all your problems and he won’t care what they are,  he always just tries to find a way for me not to  be scared.

Angela W (13 years old) , Surrey B.C.


“I have HOPE for the first time than I can ever remember”

“I was introduced to Ken McDonnell via another counselor about a year ago when I was struggling with severe anxiety issues, I had just been out of the phsych ward and knew I was needing help and did not know where to turn. I am a 63-year-old married woman with one son. I have had counseling in the past for issue all related to the same thing, family, anxiety, stress, self esteem and nothing really seemed to help. When I started working with Ken one on one it was not long before we were able to get to the issues, the core. I could expand on the various techniques used to get there, (neurotherpy, etc) but I would rather just relate to what I consider, huge changes in my outlook towards my life today.

Two notable incidents stand out. One was my rebellion towards Xmas. I thought I knew the why but through a method Ken used I saw that the whole reason was due to one specific incident where I made a decision and that decision kept my rebellion in place for years. Now, I actually can say I am looking forward to the scents of roasting turkey.

Another was via a letter I sent to ken. Basically the letter said: I made a connection today I wanted to put on paper and let you know something that I realized. I said in counseling session today that I was not comfortable with small talk and we (I) had not gotten to a why. Today, I was sharing with my friends some banter between my son and I but it was the kind of banter that you would have to know us (my son and I) to understand my words (bantering). (At least to me). Anyhow I began to feel really sickened by the fact I shared and my anxiety began to kick up. About an hour later I realized it was because I felt stupid for what I had said. It didn’t matter that I knew that they know me well enough and like me enough not to judge me, it was that I felt really stupid for saying it. The anxiety eased after that. It was the tools or ability to make connections that I learned in counseling that allowed me to do that. I know without a doubt that had I not been given the tool of how a decision made in the past can shape your feelings and decisions in the now I might never have seen the above incident. And it continues to happen now. Its like a floodgate has opened and I have HOPE for the first time than I can ever remember. I actually never even realized that there was a place like this, where I am today. I am by no means cured but I would say that I feel so much more at peace. I think better, clearer. I am more able to be a helpful partner than one who recoiled and reacted from fear of retaliation of words or no’s.

Would I recommend Ken?, YES, in a heartbeat. The peace that he has and is bringing to my life brings tears of joy to me. My heart is so grateful to have had this man put in my path.”

Dianne P. Maple Ridge, B.C.


“My anxiety is literally gone..Ive never felt so happy”

“When I first came in its safe to say I was a mess, I was in and out of the hospital with major panic attacks my self esteem was at an all time low I literally felt it was wrong to show any emotion so I kept everything inside, I couldn’t even make a decision on my own if I was asked a question even the most simple.. my answer would be “I don’t know”. I could hardly drive anymore I was working 7 days a week and had to quit both of my jobs due to my panic attacks and I had a major fear of choking while eating so I was barley eating anything on top of all this, I thought I was going crazy and was on the verge of suicide. After coming in only a couple sessions my anxiety slowly starting to decrease after the first session I didn’t even end up in the hospital were I constantly would go during my panic attacks. I finally have a sense of direction in my life, I know now its ok to show emotion, and I can make my own decisions and know that its the right choice and even if I make a mistake that its ok. I have my confidence back and I can eat to!! My anxiety is literally gone….ive never felt so happy and calm in my life regardless of what’s going on around me. I’ve learned I cant control everything in my future and not dwell on the what if and to deal with something when it happens not if its going to happen and that’s all thanks to Neur-optimal and the counselling I received from Ken. I would definitely recommend this, everything about it is super positive and beneficial.”

Kirsten from Maple Ridge


“Working with Ken has helped me to recognize my triggers and how to overcome them as new issues arise”

Ken really does get it! I have had a lot of issues in my life over the last four years. Working with Ken has helped me to recognize my triggers and how to overcome them as new issues arise. He is the best and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to better themselves and feel better about themselves.

CM – Maple Ridge


“I have never been able to slow down my thoughts or my body my entire life…”

“I have suffered from ADHD and anxiety my whole life. I have never been able to slow down my thoughts or my body my entire life.

I have always struggled with staying present, I was either living in the past or worrying about the future. This has made it extremely difficult for me to communicate how I feel in the present moment as well as slow down my thoughts enough to be part of a conversation without getting distracted by my thoughts.

Most people found me to be either overwhelming and or extremely intense, to the point where people couldn’t handle being around me. After my first Neuro-optimal treatment at Free To Be counselling with Ken McDonnell, I noticed a slight change in my anxiety levels, it was becoming easier to manage.

After 2-5 weeks of counselling my anxiety was gone almost completely, I have been free from daily panic attacks for 5 weeks.

I have had one panic attack in 5 weeks and was able to slow my thoughts down and calm myself down within three minutes and was fine for the rest of the day.

I have struggled with sleep due to racing thoughts, however that is no longer the case.

I find that people want to be around me and I am able to hold clear concise conversation and I am able to stay present in the conversation. I am able to stay present and am more aware of how I feel in the moment.

Neuro-optimal treatment has changed my life and how I am on a daily basis with people. I am able to sit still for lengths of time and am overall  a lot calmer.

The only way to describe it is like a Zen feeling and I am completely grounded within myself. I feel amazing to be where I am at with my thought process and the quiet moments in my head. Neuro-optimal therapy has far exceeded my expectations and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have experienced this life changing treatment.”

Megan J

“Neuro-optimal Changed My Life”

“Prior to coming into the doors of Neuro-optimal, I was a substance abuser in early recovery, who had difficulty maintaining focus and poor impulse control.

I lacked the ability to cope with stressful situations; I was very stubborn and ridged in my thinking, which had constricted my ability to be open minded. On top of all this, I was an obsessive compulsive negative analytical thinker that has led to a diminished sense of personal self worth and loathing.

This decreased my ability to enjoy a peaceful, spiritual and balanced life.

Since starting the Neuro-Feedback process, my life changed considerably for the better. Through the course of each session I have found that I have got more and more personal growth each time I’ve attended a session.

The benefits I have received from the counselling are: the ability to let go of passed feelings of a negative nature and take a more positive approach to my future. I’ve been able to increase my self control, dramatically improve my focus and attention which has made me more efficient in my ability to process information.

The changes emotionally and mentally have been tremendous as well. These changes include a calmer quieter mind, increased awareness and mindfulness, as well as a balanced emotional intelligence.

Overall the gifts that this training has done for me have been extremely rewarding. My ability to be more centred and stable in my decision making enhances my access to a more fruitful, fulfilling sense of self, that will continue help me progress in an open minded, positive direction for the days, months and years ahead. Thank you.”

Mike J. from Coquitlam



Contact Ken today,  at 778-846-3569 to learn more about Counselling and how it can help you, and the benefits of NeurOptimal therapy and its natural healing benefits.

Today can be the day you start to get yourself on the path to freedom