What is Neurofeedback?

Nothing impacts our happiness, effectiveness and success as much as the condition of our mind.

It’s like training your brain!

NeurOptimal® monitors your brainwaves and gives subtle cues to the brain when it isn’t functioning smoothly.  When the brain is performing fluidly NeurOptimal® plays music or a movie and when the brain’s activity begins to become inconsistent or less smooth the music and image is interrupted momentarily.  The interruption gently cues the brain that it isn’t performing optimally.

Sounds simple.  That’s because it is simple.  The power is in the mathematics that lies at the heart of NeurOptimal®.   All of the learning happens outside your conscious awareness.  Your brain learns when it’s stuck and when it is jumping around inefficiently. 

As your brain begins to operate more efficiently, NeurOptimal® adjusts itself automatically in response to your brain’s activity, individualizing the training microsecond by microsecond (dynamical) to your own brain’s functioning.  In this manner the learning continues based on your brain’s response to the training.  Think of NeurOptimal® as a personal meditation teacher, or a dance or martial arts instructor that points out and corrects your form as you train.  As you get better, the level of difficulty increases automatically.  With practice your form naturally improves and becomes more fluid, helping you become more effective in your personal and professional lives.

Your life begins to flow.

Neurofeedback does not “treat” any condition disorder, or symptoms. It is not a medical treatment, device or methodology. It is not used to diagnose medical disorders, nor is it used to treat medical disorders.
It is simply a tool and brain training technique.

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback does not treat specific conditions, but specific symptoms are alleviated because you are improving the overall functioning of the central nervous system.

A recent survey of NeurOptimal trainers comprising of 1.2 million sessions (2008), found these areas of function improved with training:

* Stress— worry and fearfulness
* Anxiety, panic, hyper vigilance
* Sleep disorders
* Depression
* Learning problems— ADHD symptoms,
lack of focus
* Headaches and migraines
* PTSD and trauma symptoms
* Anger
* Head and brain injuries
* Cravings and addictions
* Low self-esteem and self-image
* Stuck patterns of thinking and behaving

When the brain is trained with Neurofeedback,
clients may notice the following:

* Feeling calmer, more grounded
* Increased mental clarity and focus –
* Greater Performance
* Dropping away of fears
* More appropriate response to situations
* Feeling lighter and greater ease
* Increased motivation and ability to
Accomplish tasks

Neurofeedback has been considered “inconclusive” by many because of the fact that it doesn’t work for everyone. I completely agree. I have had some clients that have had no response to the training, or very little response.

But for the clients that do get a good response, the effects can be life transforming.

I have literally witnessed a woman come off of 200mg a day of anxiety medication, never to return to them again. NeurOpitmal Neurofeedback and personal counselling gave her back her freedom.

Neurofeedback gave me the help I needed to overcome my own personal battle with Anxiety. Partnered with cognitive counselling and a healthy sleep and diet regime, I now know what it is like to live without always feeling anxious.


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