Services and Fees

Services and Fees


Since 2006 I have had a number of opportunities to work in many different areas of the counselling profession.  This includes working with the Fraser Health Crisis hotline, PLBC college as a group facilitator, and as a Neurofeedback technician.

Because of these opportunities, I have also learned many different techniques, methods and models that can help people with their struggles.

This includes:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Neuroptimal Neurofeedback 

Traumatic Incident Reduction.

One on One counselling

Group counselling

Couples/relationship counselling

Skype and FaceTime sessions available

Telephone counselling



I offer some of the lowest rates in all of the lower mainland!

FREE  30 minute consultation (phone)


4 different types of service: (All prices are after tax)


Neuroptimal Neurofeedback – $52   ($50.00 plus GST = $52)

1 hour session of ‘Brain Training’- no counselling

Neurofeedback only


Counselling with (optional) homework –

  • $70 every session   ($66.66 plus GST = $70)

Counselling session with homework. Talk therapies

First session is 1.25hours (discovery session). All other sessions are 1 hour – 1.25 hours depending on availability and clients needs. ( I try to make all sessions 1.25 hours at the beginning)


Combo session: Counselling + Neurofeedback – $90 session ($85.75 plus GST = $90)

45 mins of Neurofeedback + 45 mins of counselling – 1.5 hours

This is the ultimate combination – Almost a full session of counselling along with a full session of Neuroptimal ‘brain training‘.


Couples/Relationship Counselling – $84 session ($80.00 plus GST = $84)

All sessions 1.25



I have always believed that counselling should be attainable and affordable.
Sliding scale to be negotiated upon request.


What ever your need or what ever situation you feel you could use some help in, I can either help you myself or I can help you get in touch with another qualified Professional that specializes in that area or can meet your specific needs.

 Today is the Day to start Living with Freedom

Call Ken today at 778 846 3569.

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